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Mother's &
Father's Day
Shipping Container
Like all chocolates, our chocolate melts easily during warm weather shipping. If your daytime temperature is 70 degrees or greater, you must add this item to your order. We are not responsible for your chocolate melting if a shipping container was not included in your order.
Mother's Day & Father's Day Chocolates
All are dairy free, tree nut free, peanut free, egg free, gluten free!
Mother's & Father's Day products are now available!
Happy Mother's Day Lolly
Net weight 1.0 oz.
Number 1 Dad Lollypop
Net weight 1.0 oz.
Car Box
This clear box is filled with 7 foil wrapped chocolates shaped as cars that are ready to race your way. Net weight 4 oz
Fancy Squares Box
This clear box is filled with 8 foil-wrapped fancy square shaped chocolates. Net weight: 4 oz.
Flower Bag
Springtime flowers adorn this bag filled with 11 foil wrapped chocolates with various flowers pictured on an oval shape and tied with a pretty bow. Net weight 4.25 oz.
Dairy Free Chocolate by Amanda's Own Confections